Chapter Two

The Rise of Kuun-Lan



As a lonely commander flying a small but well equipped ship, I heard about an similar myth told by the people on the station of Binney Horizons, in the system of HIP 105408. The story on the station was about a planet the locals called “Igaria”. “Could this be a coincidence?” I asked myself. I geared up my ship and set out on the journey to this system.

Upon arriving in Binney Horizons, people seemed weary of strangers. They did not want to talk to an outsider, they seemed scared of the empire rank emblem of “Baron” I wore so proudly on my suit. I asked around in bars and markets, but all turned their heads and walked away without saying a word. One person seemed to want to talk, but the people around him kept him from talking to me.

I did what every good empire pilot would do. I picked up some missions from the local Empire faction to show them that I was here to do no harm at all. I just wanted to know everything about this story and leave this people in peace. My mission was to deliver some important data to a nearby system. While traveling there I saw a message pop up in my comms, a pilot from the local independent faction. Normally I don’t pay attention to them, but this was the guy who tried to talk to me in the station before. He spend all his money on a sidewinder and followed me, just to talk to me. We dropped into real space and he told me he knew about the myth and an old artefact his faction kept hidden in space.

He also told me the people were afraid to talk to me because of my Empire rank. The local empire faction was corrupt and infiltrated by criminal organisation paid for by the Federation. We decided to meet up at Folland station, the last station in control of the independent people he belonged to. It had been under heavy attack by the criminal factions, trying to take control of it. He would give me the location of the artefact if I would help destroy the criminal factions and clean up the Imperial ranks. I promised I would help him and he sent me out to find the artefact.

I was surprised to actually find it in the location he told me it would be. I scanned it and my HUD showed ancient artefact. All my sensors could tell me that this thing was indeed millions of years old.

“Was the Myth true?” I asked myself, “Is this what I’ve been looking for my whole life?”. I studied the object over and over again, but it seemed like just a small part of something much bigger. I couldn’t make sense of it, so I decided to get it examined. I met with a scientist and even though he was just as intrigued as me, he also couldn’t make anything of this. He said he never saw anything like it. In my despair for answers I looked for other solutions, but none were to be found.

While there was nothing more I could find out about this artefact I decided to come through on my words. With the help of the local faction I set up a military to help the system get rid of the vile persons corrupting the beautiful Empire, even though that means we would have to fight Empire pilots. Politics can be a complicated matter.

Now my ranks are growing fast and the pilots joining are good brave people, I respect them for fighting on my side with knowing just so little about the Legend. I have a feeling we’re going to win this war. We have won the trust of the local people and they, very bravely, went to stand behind our pilots. They spoke out against the local faction and on the elections on the 6th of October we will have our own faction in Binney Horizons.

A new empire has been born.