Oct 22

The fruit of our labour.

The community goal was well recieved by the galactic community. Thousands of Commanders made their way to our space to help our faction in the construction of our agricultural initiative. The Kuun-Lan now has completed the construction of all 3 agricultural outposts in HIP 104292. We thank all Commanders for their help. Millions of people […]

Oct 3

Kuun-Lan’s Community Goal; Growing Independence

With great pride the Royal Family announces their plans for building a Megaship. The agricultural Megaship will provide our Empire with it’s own food source, truly making our Empire completely independent from the trade of food from outside. The Royal Family has issued great rewards for Commanders from all over to ensure the completion of […]

Aug 14

Kuun-Lan’s New Website

Fellow Commanders, welcome to the Kuun-Lan Empire’s awesome new website! Alongside our voice comms, this new website will enable us to better coordinate our efforts as we continue to grow. To make use of the member only features such as creating a profile, accessing restricted forums, private messaging and earning points, you will need to […]