Aug 14

Kuun-Lan’s New Website

Fellow Commanders, welcome to the Kuun-Lan Empire’s awesome new website!

Alongside our voice comms, this new website will enable us to better coordinate our efforts as we continue to grow. To make use of the member only features such as creating a profile, accessing restricted forums, private messaging and earning points, you will need to register an account.

Make yourselves at home – we hope you like the new site!

– Karan S’jett

Princess of Kuun-Lan Empire

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  1. Nice work guys…. One problem I have is I’m unable to upload an Avatar…It lets me select a pic to upload but then just loops out on upload. Looks like it could be a file size / dimension setting in the PHP settings.

    • Hey Belvac, thanks for the report.

      There are currently (unintentionally) two different systems for uploading an avatar, so I’m not sure which one you are using. I believe one changes it on the forums and one changes it on your profile. Eventually, the one on the profile page will be the only one needed and the other will be removed.

      As my PHP skills are currently limited by my ability to Google, I have to rely on external plugins/developers for the main systems. I’m aware of quite a few issues with the new member profile system, however, I am reluctant to fix them before November as the underlying code is being updated late October.

      The developers have promised to implement quite a few of my requests in this release. This means that hopefully, come November, profiles will be fully functionable and I will be able to reactivate the pilot directory and social features such as private messaging, activity wall, ect. Watch this ‘space’ 🙂

      Any other issues, feel free to post them on the bug fixes forum thread.

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