Oct 3

Kuun-Lan’s Community Goal; Growing Independence

With great pride the Royal Family announces their plans for building a Megaship. The agricultural Megaship will provide our Empire with it’s own food source, truly making our Empire completely independent from the trade of food from outside.

The Royal Family has issued great rewards for Commanders from all over to ensure the completion of the Megaship. In a reaction Princess Karan S’jett said; “This is a great day for our faction. To be able to grow our own food within our Empire will ensure our place among the stars and will allow us to grow even more. Currently our citizens are among the safest in the galaxy and we will extend our borders even more to ensure people from all races, pledges and communties can enjoy this safety”.


An artists rendering of what the ship will look like.
The Naphtha Class Megaship

The Megaship itself will be based off a Naphtha Class, which has been a very succesful in the pas and will continue to be very succesful in the future. Might the Community Goal fail and reach to lower tiers, the Royal Family has plans to build an outpost with agricultural capabilities to ensure that the work of the Commanders that put their effort into this project will not see their work go to waste. After the Community Goal has finished the Kuun-Lan will organize a Faction event to celebrate the completion of this project.

All citizens within the Kuun-Lan borders are eagerly awaiting the result of this collosal project and will, whatever the outcome may be, live a happier and richer life.

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