PVE; creating a empire by expanding our own minor faction. There is some room for PVP though.
There are a lot of ways, check out this link to learn more about it (link coming soon)
No, we are independent but we do allow our members to be part of any Powerplay faction, except the Federal Powers.
Yes, we are members of The Border Coalition, one of the Dangerous Games finalists.
No, The Border Coalition is a defensive pact.
No, from hardcore players to casual. We’ve got them all.
Yes, we created our own ranking system that to can progress through by posting in the “after action reports”.
Yes, but the 3 top positions are locked to the founders.
Any occupation is alright with us. From bountyhunter to pirate to PvP, everyone is welcome.
Apart from this forum, we mainly use Teamspeak. We do also have a Discord that we use as chatroom.
As the Kuun-Lan Empire’s wiki is currently under construction, until then, the best place for documented support can be found on the Elite Dangerous Wikia or the official Elite Dangerous Website.

Please feel free to contact us in-game, on TeamSpeak, or ask on the forums if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Join the Kuun-Lan Empire!
...we have space cookies!