Oct 19

Excellent Election!

The Kuun-Lan have experienced a great election in Tian Yu. The locals have supported the faction greatly. A local was asked why he voted for the Kuun-lan he responded with; “Their previous record shows that the well being of the average person increases dramatically almost as soon as they take over control. Even though it took a while for them to turn their attention to our system, having the hope that they would arrive at some point made it worth the wait.”

Once the system in complete control of the Kuun-Lan, it will be turned into Core territory giving it the extra benefits of the Royal Subsidies Project that will help restart development in the system. “The damage the old factions have caused is considerable, but we are optimistic we can restore the system to its former self. But right now we have the election on our hands and even though the results look very good at the moment, getting above 50% in votes for influence would secure the election for our faction”, Princess Karan S’jett said in a press conference.

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