the Kuun-Lan Empire 

We are the Kuun-Lan. A kingdom forming on the borders of human space. A kingdom founded on the story of an ancient myth. We are out to create a safe and peaceful place among the stars, guided by the values of an ancient Empire thought to have once controlled the Milky way. Our kingdom has no room for corruption and taking advantage of the weak.

Our pledge is to the Human race, our pledge is to the people. United under a single ruler we need you to fight along our side to instate these values among all our people by all means necessary. All pilots report to Kuun-Lan and her people, to what one day will be a peaceful way of life for all of mankind.


Working the Background Simulation to conquer new systems and ensure the safety of our people.


Exploring the Milky Way in search of the Ancient Empire and discover their secrets.


Engineering our fleet to fend off attackers to ensure the safety of our people.

The Border Coalition

The Border Coalition. Members and alliance information.

Recent Projects

Kuun-Lan Controlled Systems

These refer to the first 20 where we took over control. These core systems were the primairy goal to get our economy stable and profitable for further expansions. Most of these systems contain Extraction, Industrial and Militairy economies to ensure a steady supply of basic goods to our High Tech Headquarters.

Now the core systems have been annexed, we will focus on consolidating our borders with our Allies.  Once that is completed we will start expanding in other directions.

The following systems are ready to be annexed .

  • HIP 103107
  • Dakatapini
  • Balapiru
  • HIP 102865
  • Apikuna
  • Tian Yu
  • HIP 104163
  • Tlakum

These systems are selected for future expansions.

  • Jura Lungs
  • Kondrustem
  • Kainango
  • Carnaur
  • HIP 109782
  • Tekkeenesi
  • Bangyani
  • Mariga

Systems currently being annexed



Kuun-Lan Founders

CMDR Karan S'jett

General of the Army
The princess and second heir to the Kuun-Lan throne.

CMDR Orange Spark

Royal Diplomat
Head of Foreign Affairs and main diplomat for the Kuun-Lan.

CMDR Amissus

Exploration Expert
Head of the exploration guild, expert explorer. 


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